Monthly Server Event

On the first saturday of each month we will host a server event. Starting at 5pm Eastern Standard Time, lasting till 10pm Eastern Standard Time

Prize fights

Each event will require different dinos. After each event we will announce the next events dinos. Recommend you keep your winning dinos stats to yourself

FYI if anyone disrupts events they will be banned for the day.

Weight classes

  • Exactly Lvl 200 dinos
  • Exactly Lvl 250 dinos
  • Exactly Lvl 300 dinos
  • Yes that means you must breed your dinos to get in to some of these weight classes.


  • Players will ride their dino in to combat against another player and dino of same weight class.
  • Only one dino per class per tribe.
  • Players and their dino will keep going until they are defeated.
  • Each winner of each round even if eventually defeated will split the contents of the prize chest for their weight class.

Red Team vs Blue team

  • After prize fights are conclude the admin will place barriers in the area in preparation for gun fighting.
  • As a show of comradery, all attendees will be divided into two teams. I suggest you use direct chat to communicate.
  • Each team will enter the arena and move in to their teams armory. The door will close behind you while you gear up.
  • Each team will gear up, remove clothes, and paint themselves with the supplied colors. Don't worry this is soap in the stands to remove the color.
  • You can only use the gear provided in the armory
  • You will gear up and wait for the armory door to open again to start the match.
  • Last man standing wins it for their team.

Sheep Quidditch


  • This takes place over the water on the ocean side of the arena
  • Only players with an Argentavis can participate.
  • The match will begin on the firing of a flare from admin.
  • The goal is to get as many of the sheep on the center platform into your teams bucket.
  • There will be 3 sheep on the platform.
  • Players are allowed to pick other players off their dino.
  • No player kills allowed.
  • Players can use parachutes and grappling hooks.
  • If a sheep is killed by wildlife then that's one less point you get.

So there are two Scenarios

  • Scenario 1
    • If plenty show up, tribes with 3 or more members may play against each other. You are allowed to go as many rounds as you want. Winner of each round plays the next tribe. If there are tribes with low numbers they can ask to join another tribes team. If allowed we will divide up the stragglers amongst the tribes. Tribes do not have to take accept volunteers to join their team.
  • Scenario 2
    • Not a lot of players, then we do Red Team vs Blue Team and use colored uniforms. no one is forced to participate.


  • Prize fights
    • Lvl 200 dinos - Split amongst winners, 1 full chest of Obsidian
    • Lvl 250 dinos - Split amongst winners, 1 full chest of Pearls
    • Lvl 300 dinos - Split amongst winners, 1 full chest of raw metal
  • Red Team vs Blue Team
    • Each event the item will be different examples(Night vision goggles, Flamethrowers, Riot gear, DLC gear and others)
    • The item chosen for that event will be given to each member of the winning team.
  • Sheep Quidditch
    • Braggin rights
    • This is just for fun to unwind after victories and losses. You don't have to attend


  • WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you have a boat or Quetz nearby with beds. Learn More CLICK HERE
  • Provides private holding areas for tribes dinos and gear, up to 8 tribes.
  • You can access these holding areas via boat or quetz
  • Free refreshments available in the stands
  • Free mind wipe for stat changes.
  • Great Seating and views
  • Safe holding area for tribe prizes. This is so if tribes need time moving all their loot, it is kept in a safe place that only they and the admin can access.
  • Player safety measures, for incase something goes horribly wrong, the admin can open these up and eliminate the threat.
  • All gear for event and clothes are provided.


  • If you can, carry your dinos over and then place a boat at the arena. Take it out away from the arena and then place your beds on it. Driving a boat with dinos is dangerous if you don't have the right equipment.