Sever Mission Statement

PIYW Mission Statment

The goal for all our servers is to balance the settings to allow us to play the game with as little grief from griefers as possible. I try to set up servers in a way that allow us to experience as much of the content as the game has to offer. I do not like client side mods so you will not find any servers running client side mods, they are too much of a headache to deal with.

I wanted to share our style of gaming with others. So any servers we want to play on will be setup this way and made available to the public. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Our Ark Mission Statement

We try to balance the settings to minimize grifing and promote healthy PVP and PVE. Baby Raising times in our opinion where too long so we reduced them by 80%. We also don't think players should be able to destroy someone's entire base so we added ORP and it kicks in after 10 seconds. There is no Alpha Admin tribe nor will there be.

Our Goals

To add clustered servers. This is only possible if we can financially afford it.

To unlock all DLC items for all players with or without DLC’s. This is a time heavy project so it will be a bit before its completed.